2010 Pasadena Tournament of Roses logo with yellow rose and text.

Rose Parade 2010

Chinese-American Roundtable Committee of 100

Colorful Shanghai city illustration with landmarks and slogan "Better City
Colorful parade float with red accents and smoke effect surrounded by performers

City of Duarte / City of Hope

Colorful illustration of community garden produce promoting health in Duarte City.
Colorful parade float with flowers and pumpkin surrounded by spectators
2011 Rose Parade winner badge with text on red star background

City of Torrance

Whimsical illustration of garden with flowers
Colorful floral parade float with spectators in the background
2010 Rose Parade winner badge in red with Lathrop K. Leishman's name

Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles

Colorful illustration celebrating Mexico 2010 with landmarks and cultural symbols
Colorful Mexico-themed parade float with sunflower and spectators
2010 Rose Parade Winner badge with Judge's Special ribbon on red background

Kaiser Permanente

Colorful parade illustration from Magnificent Tales of Health campaign.
Colorful parade float with large tiger figure and people celebrating
2010 Rose Parade winner badge with extraordinare text on red starburst


Macy's parade float with bridal theme
Colorful parade float with flowers and crown design in street procession

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.

Colorful winter landscape with trees
Parade float with large dog sculpture and snowy hill theme in street procession

Phoenix Satellite TV

Colorful illustration of a pagoda
Colorful parade float with dancers and spectators on sunny day
2010 Rose Parade winner badge with text overlay on red starburst background

Rain Bird Corporation

Rain Bird Mountaintop Majesty sprinkler advertisement with gorillas and flowers
Colorful floral parade float with elaborate decorations and crowd in background
2010 Rose Parade red winner seal for sweepstakes.

State of New Mexico

Colorful hot air balloons flying over New Mexico landscape with text "Enchantment is in the Air."
Colorful parade float with floral decorations and hot air balloon replicas
2010 Rose Parade winner badge with Grand Marshal title on red starburst background


Colorful Subway fast food advertisement with trophy and slogan.
Colorful parade float with portraits and people in a street procession

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