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2023 Pasadena Rose Parade poster with mountain silhouette and streetlamp at sunset.

Rose Parade 2023

Turning The Corner

“Whether that corner is actual—like the one at the famous turn, signaling the parade’s start, or figurative like the unlimited potential that each new year brings—we all enjoy the opportunity of a fresh start. Turning a corner means rising above – alone, or with family, friends and community, – it means realizing dreams and pursuing possibility,” said President Wainscott. “This year, as we turn the corner together, we share in the hope, beauty and joy of what 2023 will bring.”

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Colorful illustration of Oz characters on yellow brick road with emerald castle in background
Colorful parade float with fairy tale characters and spectators under palm trees.
2023 Rose Parade Grand Marshal winner badge in red and green colors

Building Industry Association of Southern California

Colorful illustration of a sustainable community development concept with nature and housing.
Colorful floral parade float with people walking
2023 Rose Parade winner badge for Past President in red and green colors.

City of Torrance

Colorful nature illustration with butterflies
Colorful parade float with flowers and butterflies at nature-themed event
2023 Rose Parade President's Award-winning emblem with red starburst design.

Claremont McKenna College

Illustration of Claremont McKenna College with students
Decorated float with red flowers and globe in parade on city street lined with palm trees
2023 Rose Parade winner badge in red with golden state text.

Donate Life

Float with dragon design
Colorful dragon parade float with flowers and performers at cultural festival
2023 Rose Parade winner badge for sweepstakes on a red starburst background

Kaiser Permanente

Colorful illustration of healthcare themed float with heart
Colorful parade float with heart and flowers

Louisiana Office of Tourism

Illustration of colorful Mardi Gras float with blossoming trees and festive decorations.
Colorful floral parade float with people and palm trees under a blue sky
2023 Rose Parade winner badge for showmanship on red starburst background

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