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Retro-style Kit-Cat clock illustration with people street surfing and a jukebox.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures 100 Years celebration art with iconic movie elements

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Tribute illustration with portraits
Colorful parade float with red gown and portraits celebrating a champion
2012 Rose Parade Queen winner badge in red and white colors

City of Torrance

Colorful illustration for City of Torrance centennial celebration with tram and people.
Colorful Torrance anniversary parade float with flowers and waving people
2012 Rose Parade award seal with 'Winner Governor' text on red background

Discover Card

Creative illustration of various dream careers like astronaut and firefighter for Discover's 'The Dream Believers'.
Colorful parade float with rainbow
2012 Rose Parade Grand Marshal winner badge on red background

Dole Foods, Inc.

Dole logo with tropical fruits
Colorful parade float with flowers and cultural decorations surrounded by performers
2012 Rose Parade Sweepstakes winner badge in red and gold

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles

Girl Scouts 100th anniversary collage with vibrant illustrations and slogan
Floral parade floats and marching bands on a sunny street
2012 Rose Parade winner badge with a red starburst design and white text

Kaiser Permanente

Colorful illustration of a caterpillar character walking with butterflies
Colorful parade float with a large caterpillar and flowers with spectators watching
2012 Rose Parade award seal with winner's name on red starburst background


Illustration of parade float with models

Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia

Colorful Indonesian cultural parade float with dragon and dancers under "Wonderful Indonesia" logo.
Colorful float parade with vibrant floral displays and costumed dancers in street procession
2012 Rose Parade President's Award winner badge in red.

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.

Colorful illustration of a surf-themed dog parade by Natural Balance Pet Foods.
Colorful parade floats with floral decorations on a sunny street with spectators
2012 Rose Parade winner badge in red with starburst design and gold text.

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