AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Illustration of Ebola First Responders with heart
Parade float with Ebola First Responders heart and globe

City of Torrance

Tribute mural to Louis Zamperini with photos
Colorful parade float with a flame design and military symbols at a city event.
2015 Rose Parade theme winner badge in red and white colors

Dole Packaged Foods

Vibrant Hawaiian float with volcano
Colorful parade float with floral decor and performers in a sunny street procession
2015 Rose Parade Sweepstakes Winner badge in red and gold colors

Kaiser Permanente

Colorful Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 parade float design
Special Olympics themed parade float with athletes and floral decorations.
2015 Rose Parade award badge with 'Winner Judge's Special' text on red background.

Kiehls Since 1851

Colorful illustration of Kiehl's products with flowers
Colorful parade float with floral decor featuring a model building and figures riding along.
2015 Rose Parade Winner badge with Extraordinaire prize text on red starburst.

Northwestern Mutual

2015 Rose Bowl Game logo with floral decoration and Northwestern Mutual sponsorship
Rose Bowl Game floral parade float with Oregon vs Florida State signs

Northwestern Mutual NCAA

Illustration of a classical building with NCAA and Northwestern Mutual logos
Decorative parade float with people and floral arrangements during a sunny day event
2015 Rose Parade Winner Director badge in red with gold lettering

Scotts Miracle-Gro

Illustrated urban garden with people
Colorful parade float with floral decorations and 'Green Grocer' theme surrounded by spectators.
2015 Rose Parade winner badge with Isabella Coleman's name

The Bachelor

Fantasy illustration of romantic love for The Bachelor with whimsical elements and champagne.
Colorful parade float with flowers
2015 Rose Parade winner badge with QUEEN text on red starburst background

Tournament of Roses

Illustrated royal court banquet table with figures and floral decorations.
Floral parade float with red flowers and people waving to crowd

Underground Service Alert of Southern California

Cartoon construction scene with dogs
Colorful parade float with floral decorations and a backhoe in a street procession.
2015 Rose Parade winner seal for Bob Hope Humor award on red background

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