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Vibrant rose with colorful rays for Echoes of Success New Year Celebration event.

Rose Parade 2017

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Memorial illustration with dove
Colorful parade float with rainbow arches

City of Los Angeles

Colorful mural depicting Los Angeles culture with iconic Coliseum and palm trees
City of Los Angeles parade float with sun motif and spectators

City of Torrance

Colorful illustration of a dragon
Colorful floral parade float with dragon and castle design from the City of Torrance
2017 Rose Parade winner badge for tournament volunteers on red background.

Dole Packaged Foods

Colorful Hawaiian-themed Dole float with flowers
Colorful parade float with dancers and floral decorations in street procession
2017 Rose Parade winner badge for sweepstakes in red and gold colors.

Kaiser Permanente

Illustrated float design celebrating 50 years of community growth with people and trees.
Colorful parade float with floral decorations and spectators on the street

Lucy Pet

Colorful cartoon of Lucy Pet's wave maker with dogs
Colorful float with flowers and swimmers in a pool during a parade.
2017 Rose Parade winner badge with white and red design


Illustration of a floral parade float with butterflies and slogan by Miracle-Gro
Colorful flower-covered parade float with white carriage
2017 Rose Parade Queen winner badge in red and white colors

Northwestern Mutual

Colorful illustration of joyful beach scene with animals
Colorful parade float with marine theme
2017 Rose Parade winner badge for animation on a red starburst background

Occupational Therapy Association of California

Illustration celebrating a century of occupational therapy with colorful imagery.
Parade float with floral decoration and art displays viewed from above.

Real California Milk

Colorful illustration of California Milk ad with sun
Colorful parade float with oversized milk carton and breakfast foods surrounded by flowers.

The Bachelor

Colorful jungle scene with animals
Colorful parade float with flowers and people among spectators.
2017 Rose Parade President Award winning badge on red background

Tournament of Roses

Illustration of a Royal Court with ladies in gowns and floral decorations.
Floral parade float with dancers in blue dresses surrounded by spectators

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